Shanties in Delhi – Travel to Rajasthan, India (English)

Most travels to Rajasthan start and end in Delhi, India’s capital.

According to a 2016 survey, the population in the metropolitan area of Delhi is around 26 million making it the third largest urban area in the world (following Tokyo and Jakarta).

Density is around 12,000 people per square kilometre (for comparison: The Berlin metropolitan area, ranked at #98 of the survey, has a population of slightly more than 4 million with a density of 3,000 per square kilometre).

Women having a chat in a shanty

According to estimates – which may or may not be accurate – nearly half of the people in Delhi are living in shanty towns or shanties (i.e. slums). This would, as it appears, include Mr Judhar Singh, owner and operator of the soft drink kiosk pictured below, too.

Soft drink kiosk in the shanties

The three hours bus ride cross-town to my clean, safe and three stars rated hotel took me through dozens of blocks, streets and squares like this one…



It’s all about money: The day, India ran out of cash…


(Hamburg, August 2017)






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