Men’s Public Toilet Poetry (English)

Ok, I was pissed-off the other day.

Have forgotten the reason why, was just pissed.

So, I went to a local Hamburg Pub at night.

Hoping to meet someone I could talk to.

Did not happen.

Had a couple of drinks.

Had some food.

Came the time I went for a piss.

On the toilet just above the piss pot I found some poetry written on the wall.

Poetry and Graphic Art in a Men's Room
Poetry and Graphic Art in a Men’s Room

Ok. Not all of it was fine poetry in the strictest sense.

(And of course it was in German, as it’s a Hamburg Pub).

But there was one I liked. In English it goes like this:

A Hamster Wheel

From the Inside

Looks Like a Career Ladder

Don’t know exactly what the unknown poet was trying to tell


At that night.

At that place.

I found a certain wisdom in these words.

Hamburg, October 2015

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