My Best Picks in Comics – Preface

I came back to reading comics sometime in spring 2014. After a break of around fifteen or twenty years. Last time around this was at the heydays of guys like Frank Miller or Alan Moore. So lots to catch up for me.  This in the days of internet is not really a problem. Ok, it may lead to a cash drain.

So, I read around 35 to 40 comic books during the year. From 1,000 pages omnibus editions to 100 or so pages graphic novels. And I came up with a list of my best picks. Which I would like to share with you hoping that you might find this interesting and fun to read. It is not a list that anyone could use (or would use) for any of those bloody award nominations as there is some really old stuff in it, some not so old stuff and some more recent stuff.

So, it’s just a list of my best picks from the stuff I’ve read in 2014. This list does not have a specific order. And beware – my write ups may be a bit moodily sometimes. So let’s start with:


Alan Moore’s “Neonomicon” (tbc)

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