Just Another Night on Reeperbahn (English)

Photos & Stories

St. Pauli, Hamburg at 4.30 am.

Peter “St. Pauli-Pete” Willbrandt – the guy with the baseball cap in the picture – counts the sleazy notes.

Revenues from the girls’ last shift.

Discounts Dammer’s share.

Gets a final shot and a beer at the bar. Washes his hands.

Leaves the club and gets in the back seat of Stechmann’s Mercedes.

He’s got the cash in his back pocket, fixed with a silver clip.

Stechmann starts driving. The streets are almost empty at this time of the night. It will not take long to get Willbrandt to his house in Blankenese.

It has been just another night on Reeperbahn…

(Originally posted on Tumblr in December 2014)

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