The River at Dusk. And a Ferry Guy. (English)


I watched this guy getting ready to release a ferryship’s mooring rope. This was at a ferry landing stage in Wedel, near Hamburg. At the Elbe river on a late afternoon in November.

Took a picture or two.

Went home, took a look at the pics on my PC.

Wrote a couple of lines (see below).

Just imagine —

It will be the last trip for the day and

At this time you are looking forward to

Enjoying the evening at home

After a hard day’s work

Enjoying the warmth of your cozy little armchair by the fireplace

Enjoying the presence of your family / wife / girlfriend / whatever

Enjoying a warm tea / cold beer / whisky soda / whatever

Listening to your favourite tunes


Thinking of

Nothing more


Well, of course it was not (only) the guy himself but more the colours and the mood of such a lovely late afternoon in November that I liked about these pics.


(Okay. At the time I just let myself get carried away a bit, I guess…)

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