A Night at the Cemetery (English)

This is actually at Hamburg’s Ohlsdorf Cemetery.
The world’s largest rural cemetery (i.e. in a park setting).
Constructed in 1877, the cemetery has a size of 391 hectares (966 acres) with 12 chapels. Over 1.5 million burials in more than 280,000 burial sites.
And streets with a length of 17 km (11 mi).

230 gardeners take care of the park cemetery.

During the daytime, that is.

It’s a cozy place to go to after nightfall. In particular in October and November.

A cozy place to go to after nightfall
Zombie sightings are guaranteed.
They come out of their burial sites at midnight.
Not all of them at the same precise time.
But more punctual in recent years.
Dead on time, so to speak.
Never before midnight, however.
German sense of order prevails, I guess.

Last Monday I met a former First Mayor of the City of Hamburg.
From back in 18.. something.
Great guy.
Bit pale, maybe.
Suit creased, kind of badly.
But we had a good laugh, really.
When he came closer I ran away, screaming the sh** out of me…

The way to run: The cemetery gate (in the distance)
At the cemetry gate I got caught by a guard.
Had to pay a fine of €20.
For noisily disturbing the Rest in Peace of the Deceased.
Sh**. What a Night.

Guido Billstein

Hamburg, October 2016

(Camera used: Olympus OMD E-M10)

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